About Drive Past Life

These are 12 inch square panels made on Ampersand's archival quality claybord. They are all 1/8" thick and flat. For size comparison 12 inches is about 1/4"-1/2" shy of typical vinyl record album covers.

The panels are definitely square unlike the photos. I photographed all of the panels with my Casio spy camera and its lens distortion is emphasized in the photos.

Metallic ink is difficult to photograph! I've adjusted all of the photos in photoshop in an attempt to reproduce the color. I'm generally confident the photos represent what one would see with their naked eye. Sometimes the ink glitters and sometimes it doesn't. Consider the color difference between photos as accurate because every panel shown reveals the different greens of the metallic glitter seen in the photos.

Each panel has a unique and different background with same green metallic ink printed over it. The background was made first with coffee sponged onto it. The coffee was made french press method with either Yirgacheffe or Yellow Catui beans. Really this is trivial in terms of visual effect because even I can't tell the difference between the two coffees.

The prints were made by a local screen printing company with green metallic ink specially ordered for this job.

After printing, 24 impressions were determined to be of first quality, and each panel is numbered in the traditional print edition style of print number followed by the edition number (e.g. 3/24). When I numbered the prints, I generally, but not absolutely, placed what I think are the better quality prints in the beginning of the sequence.

Please feel free to email me if you would you like some more details about a particular panel.

The screen printing ink and coffee are very stable materials, like oil or acrylic paintings, and don't need glass protection when framed. I recommend displaying them without glass. The panels are 1/8" thick which makes them stiff and easy to display without a frame, and also easily can prop on a shelf or mantel.